Baby poradenství

Bc. Jana Kerlesová

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poradentství pro maminky

vše co potřebujete vedět o miminkách

Lactation advisory includes:


  • lactation advices
  • breastfeeding education
  • breastfeeding method
  • breastfeeding positioning
  • breastfeeding tools
  • twins breastfeeding
  • breastfeeding troubles (painful nipples, breast pain, breast inflammation, injury)
  • breast milk regulation
  • breast milk level increasing
  • breast milk pumping methods
  • breast milk handling and storage


Moms and babies need the most help and support in the very first weeks after the birth.


I can help you with:


  • how to change baby diapers correctly
  • correct grip
  • skin care
  • bath
  • belly care
  • body temperature measuring
  • baby feed preparation
  • advisory for mom, who cannot breast-feed


Is your baby afflict by painful belly?


  • Every newborn baby has an individual needs a this concerns painful belly too
  • I will help you to find a way to alleviate their pain for better feeling and contentment
  • When the baby is contentment then the mom is contentment too


Eating during breastfeeding


  • How to eat correctly during breastfeeding
  • Recommended food
  • What is not recommend during breastfeeding